About Me

Born and raised in Oakland, California I have dedicated my life to the service of others from a 30 year career in the hospitality industry, work in higher education, and fundraising. Now, through teaching yoga, I am honored to continue my service to others.

As an adult survivor of child abuse, I initially turned to the yoga studio because it was the only place I felt safe and welcome to arrive just as I was- the same still stands today. Through asana I was able to settle my mind, care for my body, and recuperate the trauma I suffered. Now, through Yoga Teacher Training (200 RYT from Yoga Kula) and the study of meditation, I can wholeheartedly say I have found compassion, equanimity, and purpose- it is my deep desire to share a practice that is accessible for all beings in order to provide a safe space to ease past traumas.

I am honored to practice with you as we continue to grow and learn together. In addition to Yoga4theReason, I also write about life and the pursuit of sober happiness at ForTheReason.blog.

Mom, wife, friend, former marathon runner, health and wellness enthusiast, Yogi: all 100% Laura. My journey is never complete and each step taken provides yet another reason behind my “why”- join me on this path and let’s explore our reasons together…

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